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10 July 2019 (Wednesday)
Branding & Marketing
12.45PM - 1.25PM How to Use Facebook to Increase Revenue
Jabez Lim
Strategic Relations Manager, Impossible Marketing

Topic Synopsis:
1. What is Facebook?
  • Introduction to Facebook and how it can help businesses make their brand known to the general public

2. Why should we use Facebook?
  • Providing statistics to demonstrate how Facebook has integrated to the general publics' lives.

3. Using Content Pillars to better market our brand on Facebook.
  • Branding / Informative / Premium / Engagement

4. Video Advertising
  • How to make a user stop scrolling through the feeds and why motion graphics is better performing than other content types.
1.00PM - 3.00PM
Held at stage area
Exstopod Asia Expo
1:00PM - Welcome Snacks and Drinks
1:30PM - Introductory Speech from Exsto Asia
1:45PM - Symposium: "Peace & Privacy In A Pod"
2:15PM - Awarding Ceremony for "Pimp my Pod" Competition
2:45PM - Lucky Draw
3:00PM - Networking Session
Peace & Privacy In A Pod
James Paul Pilande
Brand Director (Exstopod), Exsto Asia Pte Ltd

Topic Synopsis:
An open office space can be noisy and somewhat distracting, most of the time collective conversation within an enclosed space can create an intolerable experience when you are trying to focus on work or just simply want some peace of mind. Acoustic Pods are single or multi-person private spaces suitable for making important calls, focus on work, discussions, and short relaxations. We believe that a quiet and comfortable space will increase employees' productivity in the modern busy office environment.
1.30PM - 2.10PM Future Proof Your Business
Catherine Chai
Brand Strategist, Broc Consulting

Topic Synopsis:
As the saying goes "If you are not a brand, you are a commodity."
Brand building is widely acknowledged as an effective tool to help businesses win customers and achieve long term profitability. However, many people lack a clear understanding of what branding entails, resulting in haphazard and incoherent efforts. Worse, some companies see "content marketing" or "social media" as the panacea to building strong brands and were flabbergasted when returns do not commensurate with the resources invested.
In this talk, Ms. Catherine Chai, veteran Brand Strategist, will share with you best practices on how to brand your product, service, and business successfully, and future proof your business with a strong brand!
2.15PM - 2.55PM Applying Design Thinking for SMEs
Kimming Yap
Executive Committee, Design Business Chamber Singapore
Managing Director, Creativeans

Topic Synopsis:
As industries constantly get disrupted and SMEs strive to reinvent themselves, Design Thinking has become a proven method for businesses to continuously innovate and evolve to meet the needs of their customers and achieve business grow. In this seminar, Mr. Kimming Yap will share with you the overarching principles of design thinking and practical tips on how SMEs can apply design thinking to their business.
3.00PM - 3.40PM 7 Most Common Misunderstandings of Digital Marketing In 67% of SME Minds
Ricky Tay
Digital Marketing Consultant, Ice Cube Marketing

Topic Synopsis:
"I have been burnt!" "SEO is a scam!" You might have experience spending several thousand dollars with minimal return in your digital marketing journey. With the experience working with hundreds SMEs, Mr. Ricky Tay realised that 2 out of 3 SME owners' struggle with digital marketing originate from the gaps in digital marketing theories and technical know-how. In this sharing, Ricky will clear the doubts and misunderstandings that SME owners face when planning their digital marketing strategy. Through this seminar, SME owners can grasp the correct concepts in order to run profitable digital marketing campaigns on their own.
3.45PM - 4.25PM How to Build a Brand in the Digital Age
Yulia Saksen
Director, Creativeans

Topic Synopsis:
Branding always seems to be shrouded with mystery. What is branding? How do we brand anything? How does digitalisation affect my brand?
4.30PM - 5.10PM Measuring Success In Social Media Marketing
Yee Gin Ng
Strategic Insights Lead, APAC, WE Communications

Topic Synopsis:
How do you know if you're spending enough or too much on your assets on social media? This session will offer a perspective on identifying the right success metrics for your social media programs and using data to maximise your ROI.

Creative Crafts Corner

12 July 2019 (Friday)
1.00PM - 1.30PM Weave MusicCloth® with Rehyphen®
Host: JJ Chuan & Chiu Mee Lee

Do you know that more than 4.6 million tons of e-waste end up in Asia's landfills? Rehyphen® was started as an up-cycling initiative where discarded tapes were collected and weaved in efforts to reduce and eliminate e-waste while giving the product new life. You will have the chance to access their exclusive cassette and video tape collection which were donated by the local community. Pick a cassette or video tape, and weave them into a piece of MusicCloth®. This piece of MusicCloth® will then be turned into Singapore City Map posters and other products that make for original, unique, and memorable gifts - both corporate and personal.
Translate your stories into MusicCloth® that will recall pleasant memories of precious moments and advocate a sustainable way of life.
1.35PM - 2.05PM Calligraphy by Nuffypuffy
Maker: Nafisah

Calligraphy is a simple art form to get addicted to. You could bring it everywhere, all you need is just a brush pen and paper. Nafisah will take you on a journey to how Nuffypuffy was born and show you a simple demonstration on how to compose a simple card for that special someone.
2.10PM - 3.15PM Product Photography for Social Media
Lionel Heng

Everyone is looking to spice up their social media feeds, finding all ways and means to grasp a few seconds of attention from their audience with that Insta-worthy shot. This photography process may seem time-consuming to some, but it does not have to be that intimidating.
Come down to this session with a live demonstration where Lionel will share his process, tips, and tricks that he has learnt through the years to help you get that professional-looking shot all by yourself!
3.20PM - 4.25PM Pop-Up Experience: DIY Floral Bath Salts
Maker: Suds & Such by Pastel Ink Style & Design

Combine the benefits of sea salts, himalayan salts, dry herbs and flowers, and essential oils into one soothing bath! Learn to make your own bath salts with a blend of crowd-favourite essential oils, bring it home, and chill in a tub with your favourite playlist. (Or make yourself a foot bath - there's no wrong way to relax with bath salts!)

Activities & Deals

Offers are valid while stocks last, subject to individual terms & conditions, and exclusive to SGPFair unless otherwise stated. All information is correct at time of publication.

Exhibitor Booth Details
138 CONCEPT PRIVATE LIMITED BD33 50 visitors who drop their name card at our booth will receive a free "Disney x Danielle Nicole Minnie Mouse" keychain worth $39.
ALL TRENDS PTE LTD BF31 Genuine leather pencil cases will go at $6.98 (before GST) for orders made at SGPFair.
AXXEL MARKETING PTE LTD BB18 Visitors of our booth will receive free giveaways from our extensive range of products and will have early-access to our new launches and exclusive promotions.
BIZLINK CENTRE SINGAPORE LTD BF35 Visit our booth and flash our eDM (available on our Facebook page) to receive a free gift.
CONFLO MARKETING PTE LTD BC46 3M Protective Eyewear will go at $5.00 each (U.P. 6.90).
CYBER GIFTS PTE LTD BD46 All orders made at SGPFair will be entitled to exclusive gifts and a 10% discount.
DARREN YOUNG CORPORATION PTE LTD BE24 20 vouchers will be given out each day for a free customised printing session at our factory.
FOREST OF GREEN PTE LTD BZ36 Sample artisanal bakes at our booth.
HUFS GTEP_HYANGWON / SMCOS BF24 Enjoy exclusive special deals and free giveaways at our booth.
IGIFT UNIFORM PTE LTD BF41 • Demonstrations for SMCO hair products
• Soap bubble demonstration by Hyangwon
INTERCITY BUSINESS CORPORATION BH27 Pop by our booth to receive our latest elegant free giveaways.
MENA HOUSE OF FASHION PTE LTD BB42 Exclusive Moroccan goodie bag giveaways for all interested buyers.
MY UMBRELLA PTE LTD BD42 Come by our booth for free gifts!
NIIDA BUSSAN CO.LTD BG36 Drop your business card and get a free towel sample at our booth.
OMNICONNECT PTE LTD BZ25 First 300 customers who make purchases or place orders will receive a free gift.
PASTEL INK STYLE & DESIGN BF28 Bring home your own D.I.Y floral bath salts at the Creative Crafts Corner on 12 July!
PERFECT PLANET PRODUCTS LTD BF38 Free pen giveaways at our booth!
PRIME RATE MARKETING SERVICES PTE LTD BE43 Stand to win Flower Pens worth $7.90 each at our lucky draw! Only 50 pieces to be won.
QQ GLOBAL STUDIO PTE LTD BZ33 Enjoy 10% off your first order on with the code FTO10.
SIN HIN CHUAN KEE PTE LTD BE38 Orders confirmed at SGPFair will be entitled to 15% off.
THE CRAFT HOUSE COMPANY LIMITED BF34 Receive discount coupons and free giveaways at our booth.
THE LIMBIC SYSTEM PRIVATE LIMITED BD37 Lapel pins are small accessories that make a big impact and they go for a big 25% discount at SGPFair.
THS LIFESTYLE PTE LTD BB44 Free giveaways (eg. PU Leather Notebook, Multi-currency Pouch) with every name card exchanged.
TIAMOROSES BZ34 Visit our booth to find out about our promotional offers & free giveaways only at SGPFair.
TO BE CALM PTE LTD BZ24 First 50 orders of $1,000 or more will receive a 10% discount and a complimentary Shophouse Trio Set & Singapore Journey Candle.
YTS SERVICES MARKETING PTE LTD BC28 Purchase a wireless charging pad with a Singapore cityscape that lights up, at only $40.

Other Activities & Deals at Office Expo Asia & PrintPack+Sign 2019

Exhibitor Booth Deal/ Activity
BIOSYSTEM GROUP PTE LTD AC27 Receive a free Biosystem luxury pen with any purchase during the fair.
BOXGREEN PTE LTD AC33 Visit our booth, drop your name card in the bowl, and stand a chance to walk away with a $200 OSIM Voucher!
EXSTO ASIA PTE LTD AC20 Experience the ultimate solution to noise pollution!
FORWARD 50 PTE LTD AB28 Visit us now to get a free consultation now! Turning your workspace vision into reality starts here.
HUSTLE CRAFT PTE LTD (SILEN) AA18 Display units going for at least 10% off at OEA 2019!
KAFFA KALDI PTE LTD AA40 Free ground coffee and tea bag sachets when you visit our booth
KUMPULAN DEVELOPMENT (S) PTE LTD AA28 Free sampling of Nestle's hot beverages
MXGSOFT PTE LTD AC31 Visit our booth and get a free upgrade (worth up to $8,000) of your solution package.
NETICOL PRIVATE LIMITED AB39 Free IT asset management consultation
SINGAPORE AIRLINES LIMITED AD31 Sign up with the Singapore Airlines HighFlyer Programme and turn your business travel expenses into savings
SINGAPORE NATIONAL EMPLOYERS FEDERATION (SNEF) AC32 Visit the SNEF booth to find out how your company can benefit from various government grants. Door gifts to be given away as well!
THE NINTH CONCEPTS PTE LTD AB33 Exclusive 3-day discounts and promotions at Office Expo Asia!
121SIGNS.COM PTE LTD CF28 Join our top-up scheme and receive an extra S$100*! Enquire at our booth now!
CAS TECHNOLOGY PTE LTD CE34 Exclusive Workflow Automation System bundle deals for greater efficiency at an affordable price.
DURA CHOPS PTE LTD CC25 Visit our booth to redeem your free gift or get your customised pre-inked stamp at only $10! Ready in 30 minutes!
EVENT GALAXY PTE LTD CH15 10% discount off all Event Galaxy rate cards for sign up confirmation for all items
KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS ASIA PTE LTD CD20 Join us for a machine demonstration and showcase of print samples.
NAGAPRINT & PACKAGING PTE LTD CB20 Attractive giveaway for all sign-ups on our online store during PrintPack+Sign
SHEPHERDS INKJET TECHNOLOGY CC26 Enjoy promotional prices and a free set of inks for deals closed at PP+S.
XIAMEN GORDON RIBBONS & TRIMMINGS CO. LTD CD40 Discount coupons will be available at our booth.

#Celebrate20SGPFair19 Lucky Draw

Win great prizes at #Celebrate20SGPFair19
Purchase a stamp card for $10 at the SGPFair Carnival and play games to redeem sure-win gifts, popcorn and ice cream on the house. On top of that, drop the card's lucky draw stub into the box for a chance to win^ great prizes! ^Terms & Conditions apply.

Important! Visitor must retain portion of stamp card with corresponding winning serial number for prize collection. Winners are required to be present during lucky draw prize presentation. Else, another winner will be drawn.

Draw Timings
11 July 2019 - 4pm & 6pm
12 July 2019 - 4pm & 6pm

How it works:

  • Purchase your carnival stamp card for $10 each at ticketing booth
  • Each stamp card will entitle visitors to 6 game chances
  • Accumulate coupons at each game station
  • Coupons accumulated can be used to exchange for a gift coupon at the redemption counter
  • Visitor to redeem prize at respective exhibitors' booth
  • Visitor can drop lucky draw stub into box
  • Stamp card needs to be retained for lucky draw prize collection verification
  • Lucky draw will be conducted at stage area on 11 & 12 July 2019, 4pm and 6pm
  • Winners are required to be present during lucky draw prize presentation. Else, another winner will be drawn.