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17 May 2016

Tesla Amazing: MAGNETIC

Paper That Clings To Anything

Sticky notes and Post-It pads have become an essential part of our lives, helping us to organise thoughts and keep track of tasks. But for over 60 years, there has been little to no innovation in the realm of these glue-based notes. Until now...

Introducing Tesla Amazing’s Magnetic Notes: A state-of-the-art upgrade of the traditional sticky note. Magnetic clings to any surface -- be it wood, plastic, glass, paper, metal, bricks, corkboard, leather, or fabric. You can use Magnetic on drywall, computer screens, TV screens, refrigerators, windows, walls, artwork, and the list goes on.

Magnetic is an amazing tool for brainstorming, mind-mapping, planning, working in teams, teaching, agile development, entertaining, drawing, decorating your interior, and of course, leaving notes and messages for your family or colleagues.

Magnetic Notes are also splendid as an innovative and creative corporate gift. The cover can be customised to meet your corporate branding and will be most impressive when presented to your clients as compared to the run-of-the-mil corporate premiums.

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