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13 Feb 2020

Resource List #017

Data Analytics

How to create value with your (security) data analytics programme
How should we make use of data analytics initiatives, security-focused or otherwise, to create value for our organisations? This article elaborates on developing a robust data architecture, performing data analytics, and finding a footing in this strong data architecture.

How to create a genuinely data-driven culture
BT’s Lorenzo Bavasso describes the challenges of creating a genuinely data-driven culture and provides insight into ways that businesses can start to change.

Data science: Which technologies are hot (and which are not)?
The data science technology landscape is changing, but not always as fast as we might think.

Adopting a data-driven mindset as the third-party data era draws to a close
Why aren't some brands seeing the results they want after investing heavily in the people and the technology? This long-term reliance on third-party data is finally coming to a close. What are brands going to do with the major cookie restrictions on major web browsers?

Social Media Marketing

It’s time for marketers to take a good look at TikTok
As TikTok continues to gain traction globally, marketers are devising marketing strategies that best incorporate TikTok to drive effective marketing campaigns.

Instagram moves forward on testing monetisation for IGTV
Monetisation on IGTV appears to be one step closer, as Instagram is now testing ways for creators to earn money on their content for the long-form video destination.

Branding & Marketing

Five personal branding verticals to focus on in 2020
Whatever industry you're in, developing a personal brand is practically paramount. From top executives to fresh-faced interns, and especially entrepreneurs, a strong personal brand with a relevant professional edge allows you to build and engage a real network.

6 essential influencer-marketing truths every e-commerce brand should know
Influencer marketing is becoming a fundamental part of many e-commerce brands. What do e-commerce brands need to know about this hot topic so they can best take advantage?

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