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20 Jun 2019

Resource List #016


How brands can work with festival sponsorship
Sponsorship for music-related events totalled $1.4 billion in 2016, a number that surpassed sponsorship spending in any other industry. Festivals and sponsors collaborate with each other to create events that help bring communities together, spread awareness for important charities and causes and aid in building a loyal following for their brands.

The power of building brand temple
Around the world, customers are now more informed, conscientious and mindful than ever of the products and services they choose.

Linkedin's new reactions will help your social strategy
While 80 percent of brands think they understand their customers' emotional needs, just 15 percent of consumers agree. Time to get social.


How to make positive changes to your marketing process
As a marketer, you need to focus on the things that it matters to say and make as much impact saying those things as possible.

Diversify your marketing portfolio with these digital assets
Scouring the internet for the perfect font, graphic, or image for your design project can be tedious, to say the least. That's why having an unlimited library at your disposal is such a game-changer.

How personalisation is changing the rules of engagement
Analyse your own data to understand how your audience engages and shops for your product or service, and work with strategic partners to help fill the gaps.

Data Analytics

Guided analytics and the future of data science in the enterprise
Consumers everywhere depend on Alexa, Siri, Google’s Assistant for all sorts of things - answering obscure trivia questions, chequing the weather, ordering groceries, getting driving directions, turning on the lights or even inspiring a dance party in the kitchen. These are wonderfully useful (often fun) AI-based devices that have enhanced people’s lives.

Addressing governmental challenges when engaging AI, ML and data analytics
Gartner recently stated that all industries and levels of government agree the top three game-changing technologies today are AI/Machine Learning, Data Analytics/Predictive Analytics and Cloud Technologies. However, there are some primary sticking points when it comes to innovation in these areas.

AI-driven data catalogs: How to find the right one for your business
There’s no doubt about it. The commoditisation of data has opened a world of opportunities up for countless enterprises. But, many businesses are now in a race to analyse and find new value to their expanding data to stay competitive in their respective markets. And as big data explodes, metadata initiatives are failing, and data discovery and retrieval is getting more and more difficult.

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