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27 May 2019

Resource List #015


5 steps to take control of your personal brand
No matter what product or service you sell, as the owner of your business, you’re really selling yourself. Follow these five tips to create a personal brand that connects with customers.

3 lessons in branding from a black hole
There are some striking similarities between black holes and brands themselves. The reason isn’t that brands are fathomless voids that obliterate existence (despite what some customers may say). It is because both entities command our attention and change the universe just a little bit.

Are you doing these 3 things to foster brand community?
Birds, as well as many other startups are missing out on the extensive benefits of a brand community. For the average consumer, being a part of a community creates a sense of belonging and the opportunity to share positive experiences with like-minded people.


More is not better: How to effectively target retail promotions
There’s no reason to send the same promotion or offer to everyone on your email list every day. When you can deliver better promotions to your audience, you’ll be more likely to engage your customers, rather than spam them with irrelevant promotions. Focus instead on building loyalty through relevance and value.

5 Learn how to get your personal and brand message heard – literally.
When it comes to strengthening their brand’s digital presence, most entrepreneurs focus on traditional online marketing tactics like SEO or PPC advertising. But these are far from the only resource available. Podcasting, in particular, has helped several companies showcase their niche expertise while simultaneously finding – and growing – their audience.

Data Analytics

Guided analytics and the future of data science in the enterprise
Consumers everywhere depend on Alexa, Siri, Google’s Assistant for all sorts of things - - answering obscure trivia questions, checking the weather, ordering groceries, getting driving directions, turning on the lights or even inspiring a dance party in the kitchen. These are wonderfully useful (often fun) AI-based devices that have enhanced people’s lives. However, humans are not actually partaking in deep, meaningful conversations with these devices. Rather, automated assistants answer the specific requests that are made of them.

MIT finally gives a name to the sum of all AI fears
Rather than simply being scared of “intelligent machines,” say researchers at MIT’s Media Lab, society needs to study algorithms with a multi-disciplinary approach akin to the field of ethology.

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