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09 May 2019

5 premium gifts that a B2B client must have!

Gifts are the best way to improve client relations; especially in a B2B business customer relationship and trust is vital for sales and referrals. However, choosing a gift can be challenging especially when you want to make a lasting impression for your clients and/ or colleagues. There are some many varieties of premium gifts! How can you provide the best gifts that are both intuitive and impressive?

Here are some simple but cool and useful premium gifts that you should provide for your clients for them to use for a very long time. Since the gifts can be a little pricey, we suggest giving it to clients that matter to you the most so as to not overblow your budget.

  1. Personalised Pens with their names engraved
    Personalised pens can be very enticing for your customers. People love having their names being engraved in objects as it provides an extra sense of belonging for them. An act like this can foster trust between you and your clients.

    By personalising a pen, which is widely used stationery, catered to your clients, you may increase the chance of them utilising the items; and because you have taken an extra mile of personalising the pen for them, it shows that you spare a thought for your clients; that you treasure the connection with them (Be it professional or personal). This may bring you closer together and them more likely to patronise your services.

  2. Customisable Planners
    When you are in a B2B scenario, your clients would most likely be professionals or bosses or even representatives of the company; in such occupation and profession in which they meet other people and make appointments, they need to organise not just their schedule, but also their thoughts.

    Having a planner can be beneficial, but if you want to take a step further, you can offer a customisable planner, with different templates for your client to choose from to his or her taste and practical usage. Agendio provides a thousand over different organiser templates for you to choose from, so that you can tailor to your clients’ needs and agendas.

  3. Conference Folder (Or laptop sleeves)
    A conference folder can be extremely useful for your B2B clients. Whether they are sitting in a meeting, or having appointments, a conference folder keeps their important documents organised and portable. It provides convenience since you can cramp many essentials (pens, calculators, paper, phone, bank/name cards, thumb drives; sometimes even tablets) into one portfolio

    Providing a laptop sleeve for your clients/customers is possible as well, albeit there are too many varieties of laptop sizes that your clients might use. A conference folder works for all professionals and is independent of any other objects (Unless you are getting one that can fit a tablet). Whereas a laptop sleeve can store more items (Laptops and conference folders)

  4. Traceable item finder
    A possible gift to provide to your best clients is an item tracker; Such as a card or a keychain with Bluetooth or RFID installed. In many cases, your clients might need an item finder in case of an emergency that they would lose their items, they are able to trace its location on their phone. It can come in handy for them one day.

    Chipolo is one of the producers for such item tracing devices, where it has an inbuilt ringer and a community search app.

  5. Portable charging phone cases
    Phone cases can be more than just protecting phones from any external damage. Usually your clients would use their phone for long hours outside, even more than what their battery can handle. They may have portable batteries, but sometimes it can be troublesome to carry something extra, especially in your pocket.

    That’s where portable charging phone cases come in. It charges phone batteries and protects them from damages. It is a 2 in 1 solution where your clients won’t have to think about whether they have brought their portable chargers with them, saving them the extra hassle.

    However, do note that there are many different phone models. Like the laptop bags, you have to know what your client uses and provide them with the case that fits the correct phone model.


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