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18 Apr 2019

How promotional gifts are crucial for brand marketing

You probably have seen it everywhere, perhaps a planner or a utensil set from a particular insurance company or a pen from a certain hotel. Promotional gifts are everywhere in Singapore, where many people love freebies. However, most companies still underestimate the power of using promotional gifts as a marketing tactic – making it one of the most underrated marketing strategies that a company would endeavour.

So for now, here are the reason why promotional gifts are effective in branding and marketing.

Short term pain, long term gains

To consider if promotional gifts are worth the investment is like asking yourself: “Is going to the gym worth an investment? Is buying this stock worth an investment?” Promotional gifts are lasting impressions. A practical promotional gift can be kept with a customer for long periods of time.

“In fact, studies have shown that many people keep promotional products for an average of one year or longer. This increases the brand awareness of not only the person using the promotional item, but also those who are in contact with the recipient or see them using the product.” (Source)

People use promotional products for moderate to long periods of time which makes an impression on people’s minds since your brand is being plastered on the products; much like a handphone holder / case with your logo on it that you use it every day and thus see the brand logo very often.

People love brand familiarity, the more they are familiar with your brand, and the more likely it is that they will consume your goods and services.

Freebies are everyone’s favourite

Everybody loves getting free items. There are lucky draws for getting free items in the mall and OWNDAYS had to cull its discount campaign just after one week after giving out close to 2,000 free pairs of eyewear. Now you don’t have to do something as grandiose as OWNDAYS, but you get the idea. People love their free items.

“Promotional product recipients do not mind getting a gift with a brand name or logo on it and accept it as part of the exchange. Once they keep the promotional product and use it, they become more and more familiar with your company name and therefore, more likely to purchase from you again.

Promotional merchandise helps recipients remember your company and the products or service you offer when they are constantly reminded about it when using the promotional gift.” (Source)

Free promotional items? Check. Now all that’s left to be done is to ensure that it is distributed well.

Brand awareness: The fight between advertisement and gifts.

Advertisements have always been the biggest and most established way to raise brand awareness. While it is true that the most impressions are made with advertisements, they are in fact extremely costly. In fact if you compare the cost per mile (CPM), Which is used to indicate the cost need for 1000 impressions, the CPM for an online advertisement would be $2.00, Whereas the CPM for promotional products are $0.004, and a billboard CPM would be $5.12.

Now you are wondering. Why would promotional gifts be relatively cheaper per impression? Advertisement and commercials can be forgettable at most a few years after their last impressions (Those rare ones are anomalies). However, promotional products, being tangible objects, are able to last longer, and been shown to as many people as possible when being utilised often. Like a bag or a jacket from a university.

Variety is king

Instead of variety shows, we are talking about the myriad of promotional products for you to offer to the potential markets. From shirts, to mugs and pens, you name it. The culture of your brand can also be expressed in promotional gifts. Remember, branding is about personifying your company that consumers feel comfortable in trusting. So if your brand involves technology, give out a free thumb drive, or a power bank. If your brand is professional, invest in a multi stylus pen or a planner. If it is fun, a key ring or water bottle might be good enough.

Promotional products can also be a form a message to raise awareness as well, environmental brands can give out recycled products to raise awareness, while universities can provide stationeries or school related items to promote education.


Now that you are aware of the benefits of how promotional products can increase brand awareness for long periods of time. It is time to find suppliers that can provide such promotional merchandise for your branding. to the 2019 at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Hall B & C, from 10 till 12 July. With over 200 exhibitors, you will never miss out on any corporate, promotional or premium gifts for your colleagues, clients, and customers!.

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