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28 Feb 2019

Resource List #012


5 startup branding trends to watch out for in 2019
Illustrations, minimalism and millennials are among the trends you should be paying attention to for your branding strategy.

Creative marketing turns school events into networking, branding opportunities
As school and district leaders serve as representatives of their education brands, they need to look for new strategies that transform events into opportunities to connect powerfully with the community and build support from local partners.

Digital Marketing

How to “Marie Kondo” your digital marketing strategy
It’s easy to say at this time of the year that we need to review and update our digital marketing strategies. It’s harder than we think though to get started. Here's how apply the KonMari method to our digital marketing strategy.

2019 content marketing strategy: Here are 5 content marketing trends that you can't ignore this year
Technology is evolving at a very rapid rate and as marketers or business owners, this means that you constantly need to be aware of the latest changes, developments and be prepared for change at any minute. And it’s not just technology that keeps changing, but so do your audience’s preferences.

Data & Analytics

Business analytics won’t spark joy without the right data
While businesses are waking up to the idea of “data capital”, many still misunderstand that more data equals more value. Instead, it’s important to understand what each unit of data can do for you that makes it valuable – or, to paraphrase Ms Kondo: “Does your data spark joy?”

Enterprise AI: Data analytics, data science, and machine learning
Key building blocks for applying artificial intelligence in enterprise applications are data analytics, data science and machine learning, including its deep learning subset. Data engineering also plays an important role.

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