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14 Jul 2018

Interview: Reuse, reduce and recycle with PACKEVERYTHING

Interview answers have been edited for clarity and brevity

Questions (Q): How would you describe Packeverything to a reader who might have never heard of this brand?
Answer (A): Favor International was founded in 1973, specialising primarily in the supply of industrial packaging to local traders and companies. The business expanded significantly under the trading name Packeverything® since 2006 by offering customers a wide range of ready-stocked, reliable and practical packaging solutions.

Today, more than 60 sizes of cartons and 600 types of packaging are in stock, made available seamlessly at both online store and from the superstore at 1 Ubi View, Focus One building.

Q: In what terms would you say is the reason why you would want Packeverything to be recognised as an unconventional packaging supply store?
A: Packeverything is unconventionally the first to offer cartons in a retail setting and the first few to make cartons available online 24/7.

We hope to become the largest specialty packaging store and be known for pushing new ways to offer unconventional packaging.

Packeverything offers many eco-friendly supplies such as Greenmate® Oxo-Biodegradable Garbage Bag and eco-Kraft Paper Bag.

Q: Do you think that there may be a possibility Packeverything will go 100% eco-friendly with all products, eliminating non-biodegradable plastics etc.?
A: We pledge as our goal and corporate responsibility to promote both the reusability and recycling of packaging materials.

As a company we are committed to go 100% eco-friendly but it is really the pace of market acceptance that determines when we can fully convert.

Packeverything also offers many festive-related products. (e.g. Birthdays, Teachers ’ Day, Weddings, Mothers ’ Day, Christmas, National Day etc.)

Q: What inspired you to break down into such specific gifting products? How do you come up with something new corresponding to each holiday/festival every year?
A: Being a local SME, we are driven by the need to meet packaging needs of businesses during seasonal festivities. We continue to offer new designs to fulfil customers ’ expectations and ready acceptance of something new every year.

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