SGPFair Blog
24 Mar 2016

Marketing your business with branded merchandise

Promotional gifts are a valuable means of connecting with customers (existing and new), raising awareness of your brand and boosting sales.

Your company is never too big or small to start giving out promotional items; either way, promotional gifting will benefit you.

We highlight three factors for you to take into account before you dive into promotional gifting:

Clear objectives
Setting clear objectives will help you select the right products for your target audience.

Cost and production
Do not be afraid to invest in a good supplier who will ask what ROI you want, and what message you want the products to convey.

Distribute your merchandise according to its positioning; according to your brand’s positioning. Deciding to hand them out to clients at meetings or networking events face-to-face, or leaving it out on your reception counter as a ‘free-for-all’ will significantly diversify the people that your brand will reach.

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