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23 May 2018

Interview: Saving the earth with D’Arts and Designs

Disclaimer: This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Question (Q): Would you like to give readers a short introduction about D’Arts and Designs?
Answer (A): D’Arts and Designs is a Singaporean company that brings the best quality eco bags and sustainable gifts to the corporates. We manufacture and customise jute, cotton, canvas and organic cotton bags. We have a wide ranging catalogue of promotional as well as fashion bags which can be customised.

While bags are our forte, we can source for gifts that India specialises in such as handicrafts products. These are niche gift items that will stand in a crowd of similar looking products. These serve as utility items while being decorative. Our metal hand crafted candle holders can be customised with company logo and can serve as pen stands for example.

Q: What would you say is D’Arts and Designs’s vision as a company?
A: Our vision is to provide Service with Quality.

Q: D’Arts and Designs is registered as a company specialising in eco-bags. How has The Green Window sustained in this industry, understanding that we need to be constantly saving the earth right now?
A: We can save the earth by utilising our resources wisely and efficiently. By using nature’s bounty such as cotton and jute and making longer lasting products we reduce waste, reuse to the maximum and enjoy sustainable living!

Q: Would you say that your eco-products make a better alternative for clients?
A: Our eco bags have a greater brand impact for our clients as the superior quality and durability is value for money.

Q: What specially makes your products eco-friendly?
A: Our bags are made of 100% natural fibres such as jute and cotton which are bio degradable hence eco-friendly.

Q: How do you successfully make eco-friendly + trendy come together and work so well?
A: We do not compromise on quality finish such as shorter stitches, neat insides, reinforced handles, interlocked seams etc. A dedicated designer in the factory develops a catalogue of ideas for bags that work more than just a branding canvas. The idea is that the bags will be reused after gifting so that the brand stories carry further.

Q: D’Arts and Designs has many esteemed clients both in the public as well as private sector. What would you say is your best experience so far?
A: No client is too small for us and the best experiences come from clients that appreciate our hard work and sincerity in putting together their bags. Whether it is bringing a smile to a child’s face by making his birthday party favour bag or producing 20000 pcs for a leading polytechnic’s open house, the experience of creation is always marvellous!

Q: D’Arts and Designs has been specialising in eco-bags since 2011. What do you think is the most important factor contributing to its long-lasting success?
A: Sincerity towards our work, whether in handling a mistake or executing a big order, never fails to impress and bring back customers. Being owner-driven also means that there will be continuity in service always and a personalised dedication to each project.

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