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16 May 2018

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Corporate brands must run for election every day
Companies can try to lead on principles, but consumers are the ones in charge

Like governments, they are powerful, and they make news. But unlike governments, brands have to run for election every day, in campaigns financed not by shadowy special interests, but by their own customers. Corporations can still be compelled to act.

Keeping up with millennial consumers
Whether it be local, regional or even a national brand, people are traditionally drawn to things they know. Consumers in the Millennial demographic (born between 1981 – 1996), however, have been steering away from large, corporate brands in favour of smaller, less recognisable companies. Known as the Reverse Branding Trend, younger consumers are less prone to promoting big companies with flashy logos and catchy slogans.

What happens when people and companies are both just ‘brands’?
Now people act like companies, carefully monitoring the meanings we project into the world.

At its core, branding is a process of humanisation: It imbues companies with personalities.


How human brands win
Consumers demand humanity from brands like never before, regardless of whether the company has defined and demonstrated a foundational purpose. The tectonic shift from mass marketing to one-to-one conversations on social platforms requires brands to act, talk and respond like real humans – in both marketing and corporate behaviour. Consumers are quick to repudiate brands that come across like unfeeling corporate behemoths rather than fully dimensional, authentic beings whom they can trust and befriend.

‘Hoax Marketing’ can be an effective branding opportunity for your company – when done well
Hoax marketing isn’t something new. And while some of you may be hearing the term for the first time, it’s actually a technique that has been used by brands for decades.

In additional to using hoax marketing as a branding tool, some companies use it as a chance to show off their humorous side. “We are always looking for disruptive ways to create moments of joy,” says Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream.

Gifts and Premiums

10 eco-friendly gifts to give mom this year
Being more considerate about our environment isn’t exactly something everyone thinks about when it comes to buying gifts for others. And choosing something that’s not only cute but eco-friendly isn’t always easy. There’s been plenty of times I didn’t realise until last minute it was someone’s birthday or that a holiday creeped up on me way quicker than I thought it would. But buying sustainable sourced, eco-friendly gifts is becoming way easier these days with companies understanding that more people are using their habits to reflect their values.

Perfecting the art of gifting
AWith changing times, corporate gifts have become more innovative and trendy. Only when they make their way to our office desks do we realise the effort that has gone into making them appealing enough. The UAE is always celebrating throughout the year, be it festivals, events or special days, therefore, corporate gifts as a business is here to stay. Dubai-based Shirley Jeff, creative head and managing partner of Bowline Corporate Gifts, gives us an insight into how Dubai is a very eventful place and there are plenty of activities throughout the year that keeps her on her toes.

How corporate presents can boost company morale
Everyone loves a present, especially when it is a good quality gift that arrives unexpectedly. And while we have been exchanging gifts personally for generations, these days more and more companies are wishing up to the benefits of giving gifts to customers, business partners and employees. Corporate gifts have evolved from coffee mugs with the company logo, to gifts that make a real impressions like Premium Gift Hampers packed full of high-end products and gourmet produce, right through to a fully organised golf course or food experiences, or perhaps even tickets to an event. And whether they are given to your employees, or you arrange for your employees to give them to customers or clients, they can help to boost company morale – find out why!

Oh goody! It’s a goodie bag!
As a marketer or team manager or corporate exec, have you ever stopped to really think about how these gifts – especially the gimmicky toys or those item that serve no practical purpose and how they are publicised, may be hurting your brand? “Remember, everyone loves a freebie, and promotional items remain hot news – but the ‘free’ needs to be treated precious.”

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