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20 Apr 2018

Interview: Keeping up with trends and staying relevant with PromoCentral

Question (Q): Would you like to give readers a short introduction about PromoCentral?
Answer (A): PromoCentral is a veteran in gifts and premiums, having started in the Philippines in 1993. We have just set up shop in Singapore after successfully opening in Indonesia. We are excited to work with companies here who will appreciate the experience and expertise we can offer.

Q: What would you say is PromoCentral’s vision as a company?
A: Simply put, our aim is to be the “go-to” supplier of our clients; The reliable, resourceful partner they can turn to in order to meet the objectives of their programs, which include challenging budgets and timelines.

Q: How does PromoCentral ensure that ideas and products are constantly refreshed to keep up with the fast-changing trends?
A: Firstly, our suppliers are known for staying on top of trends, even setting some trends on their own. Our partnership with such suppliers keeps our ears on the ground in terms of what’s coming out of the idea and production factories.

Secondly, we subscribe to industry news updates, as well as turn to different trade fairs to catch what’s new.

Q: If a client comes to you clueless, how do you recommend products most suited for their brand?
A: First we ask about their brand, the values of their brand and the message that their brand conveys.

We then ask about the program or campaign where they will be needing the promotional products.

The answers to these basic questions are surely available. After knowing the information, we can begin offering a range of suitable options for the client to consider. These will be options that we are confident will make them happy.

Q: How does PromoCentral choose its suppliers?
A: Reliability is a key word in our base of partner-suppliers. They must have quality, safety and on-time delivery standards that will meet the requirements of our clients.

Another key word is creativity. We work with suppliers who we know have design capabilities.

The brand “Chili” is one such supplier. They certainly possess a high level of creativity and responsiveness to market needs. Plus, we know their products are always top quality and that they go through established safety audits. This is why Chili is the brand we are introducing and highly recommending in the Singapore market.

Q: Any memorable projects that PromoCentral has worked on?
A: There have of course been several. Some have to do with meeting tight price targets and delivery deadlines. Some were design challenges. Many, actually, a combination of both.

We recently worked with a big milk brand in the Philippines who was battling neck-and-neck with the top brand. With our client, we helped come up with a one-two punch where the first premium item was a novel and practical idea: a powdered milk scooper which also served as the freshness clip for the foil pack. The second “punch" was highly functional – a big container perfect for the contents of the milk in the foil pack. They launched one after the other. The promos helped garner market share for our client.

A breakthrough product of Chili, the “Theta” powerbank, also enjoyed immense popularity in the Philippines when it first came out 2 years ago. It was unlike other powerbanks in the market at that time. It has a truly delightful design, thin and sleek.

“Pop” USB – another Chili product – was also instrumental in a successful product launch in Jakarta in 2016. Again, there was nothing like it in the market. It was a well-loved giveaway item, generating much goodwill for our Indonesian client.

Q: PromoCentral has been in the corporate gifts industry since 1993. What do you think is the most important factor contributing to its long-lasting success?
A: Responsiveness to client needs, listening to our clients, asking about their brands and campaigns. We think of their brands and their campaigns as ours. And from there, we always stay on the lookout for what can help their brands.

We cannot simply act as a vendor with a fixed product line and force it into the market. Responsiveness is key. It ultimately results in win-win. We stay relevant to our clients, and our clients continue to thrive and stand out with the help of the products we supply them.

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