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27 Jul 2017

Interview: Improving Lives through Customised Gifts and IT Gadgets

Question (Q): Can you tell us more about the products and services that YTS Services Marketing offers? What is the product-making process like?
Answer (A): YTS Services Marketing has 2 subsidiaries of iwantCUSTOMGIFT and iwantUSB and we produce unique and innovative products for our clients. We offer more than product customisation but idea creation. iwantCUSTOMGIFT focuses on creating unique and special products to improve the lives of our customers, whereas iwantUSB focuses on creating IT gadgets aimed at enhancing one’s daily work life. The product-making process is a reverse way of customisation where we work backwards from the consumer in understanding their needs, complaints whilst working in line with the product limitations. However it is always very heart-warming looking at how the customer enjoys the product.

Q: Please tell us more about the new products (i.e. iSMART Wireless Keyboard and World Smallest Speaker) that you will be exhibiting at the show. How did you come up with these products and their designs?
A: As we have been in the industry for some time, we understand that customers always want practical, useful and value-for-money products in the Singapore market. Therefore we need to consider aesthetics, function and of course the pricing strategy for the product.

The iSMART Speaker allow customers to enjoy music everywhere with confidence. Despite being small, the power of the speaker is not compromised.

As for the iSMART Wireless Keyboard, it was developed as a result of the need for portability. People don’t usually take their keyboards overseas or for meetings and work. It is also very awkward and difficult to settle down with a new keyboard when you are travelling . Therefore iSMART keyboard not only provides the portability function, but it allows users to use it with their tablets and phones with up to 3 devices concurrently with the keyboard.

Q: Could you share any memorable project(s) that you have worked on with a particular client(s)?
A:Creating products based on the clients requirement has always been memorable. One if it was customising a wireless charging solution for a big MNC. Product-wise, we cannot satisfy everyone in terms of IT compatibility given their different operating systems and software. Therefore we created a customised a wireless charging solution with multiple receivers and accessories for our client. They were happy not only in terms of the product but also was impressed that the product could cater to everyone despite the differences in their operating software .

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