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24 Jul 2017

Interview: Cay Group Launches the Leuchtturm1917 Brand in Singapore this July

Question (Q): Hi Mr Choo, can you tell us more about what Cay Group offers?
Answer (A): CAY GROUP is the premier lifestyle distributor in Asia, and we are the exclusive distributor of premium brands including ACME Studio (USA), Monteverde pens (USA), Kaweco pens (Germany), Leucttturn1917 notebooks (Germany), WoodWick candles (USA), MT Masking Tapes (Japan), Cavallini & Co (USA) and many more. We distribute them through retail channels, and also provide personalisation services for corporate branding.

Q: We understand that you will be presenting a new product – The Leuchtturm 1917 Official Bullet Journal® at Singapore Gifts & Premiums Fair (SGPFair). Will it be the first time you are launching this product at a trade exhibition?
A: SGPFair will be official launch of the Leuchtturm1917 brand in Singapore, which includes the special Bullet Journal notebook. CAY GROUP is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Leuchtturm1917 in Singapore and Malaysia.

Q: What is unique about the product? We read that it was developed from a Kickstarter campaign. Can you tell us more?
A: Bullet Journaling is a unique way of organising your life with a journal. This system was developed by Ryder Carroll, a designer based in New York. The Kickstarter project was launched in 2014 and hit almost 8 times its goal! This successfully funded project was created as an original online resource for “bulletjournalists", and it also led to the collaboration with Leuchtturm1917 to produce the custom Bullet Journal(BuJo) Notebook for users to quickly learn and use the system.

Today, millions of users around the world use the Bullet Journal system, with Leuchtturm1917 notebooks as the preferred choice. The unique A5 sized Bullet Journal Notebook allows new and seasoned users alike to quickly get organized using the Bullet Journal system. With a dotted format, numbered pages, indexes and future logs, it also comes with 3 page markers, and even a Bullet Journal guide in English. The excellent fountain pen ink-friendly paper in the notebook allow users to write and colour with their favourite pens and markers. It’s a true BuJo notebook from time you open it. Users around the world just love it!

Q: Apart from this new product, what can SGPFair attendees to look forward to this 26 – 28 July when they visit your booth?
A: Visitors will be in for a treat! They will be able to see and touch why with Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, the details make the difference! With more than 16 colours, and a variety of sizes and rule formats to choose from, there will be a notebook that speaks to you, and you can customise it to present your corporate brand image, or for your personal daily use. In fact, you would be able to customise your very own Leuchtturm1917 notebook cover for free with our stamping machine on-site, if you log an order at the booth!

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