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17 Jul 2017

Interview: Brighten Things Up with Kira Kira Kandy

Question (Q): Hi Adrian, would you like to give us a brief introduction of Adriana Pte Ltd?
Answer (A): My wife and I have lived abroad for various stretches, and decided we would like to bring back the more unique items we have come across.

In essence we are traders, but we spend most of our time on product development too.

Diana is a naturalised citizen from Taiwan who speaks Japanese and Mandarin fluently. I’m here for the heavy lifting and deliveries mostly.

Q: Besides Kira Kira Kandy, does Adriana offer any other products or services?
A: We will soon! Sales have been very encouraging, so we’re looking at a few more products lines.

We are working on the designs for the festive season, so expect lots more interesting offerings for Christmas, the New Year, and our Chinese Lunar New Year!

Q: Can you share more about Kira Kira Kandy with us? How are they made so that they are safe for consumption?
A: A lot of effort has been put in to make these candles safe and truly exceptional.

The candies are made by a 3rd generation of candy makers. They are designed by a family member who has an engineering background.

Only the best ingredients have been selected. The highest grade of natural cane sugar is used, and they are completely free from preservatives.

The light sticks have features which make them very safe. They are rounded, with no sharp edges. Made from food-grade plastic, they are non-hazardous. They’re also very strong. The sticks can take a force of 30N. You simply can’t bite through them!

The candies have been certified safe and free of hazardous substances by CE and RoHS. We do have an AVA licence as well, and are in the process of getting them halal certified.

Q: How does the candy get their flavours and colours?
A: We do add flavours and colours, though these have been very carefully selected to ensure they are safe for consumption.

Q: Is Kira Kira Kandy customisable?
A: Yes, they are. There are many variations!

Q: What customisations are available?
A: These are the elements you can customise:

You could also create a new shape for the candy, for example we are in the midst of creating a merlion-shaped one for our local attractions. We are also preparing a skull-shaped one for Halloween.

Q: How are they done?
A: The process is quite tedious from the beginning to end but there are a few key steps.

For every shape, a sculptor is required to handcraft the mould. Some shapes were so complex, only really experienced masters could do it.

The candy is mixed and folded by hand, very much like the way dragon beard candy is made.

The light sticks are QC tested beforehand, then introduced to the candy.

Q: What would be the best occasion(s) to give Kira Kira Kandy?
A: Yes, they are. There are many variations!

Q: Is Kira Kira Kandy customisable?
A: These make exceptional gifts!

Honestly, we love to see reactions when people first see these lollies. Everyone, bar none, starts to smile within 5 minutes. Even if they don’t like sweets, these are still incredibly fun.

At events, these will literally create a mini lightshow. The grounds will be pulsing and twinkling with lights, creating a very unique magical feel. Quite like fireflies in a forest.

So these would be ideal for events such as:

Q: Has there been a mass order for the Kira Kira Kandy for certain occasion(s) before?
A: Yes, we have had large orders. Some of them in Singapore, some in Taipei, and some we can’t reveal just yet.

In Japan, they’re a regular feature at flower parks during winter. It’s quite amazing to see the parks in twinkling in the evening.

Close to home, they’ve been door gifts for opening ceremonies at restaurants and dance studios. Some celebrities have also brought them to clubs and discos. They have also turned up at beach parties. And not to mention lots of kids parties!

Q: Are there any products from Adriana that we can look forward to in the future?
A: Yes, so stay tuned!

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