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14 Jul 2017

Interview: A Gastronomic Experience with Minato Singapore

Question (Q): Tell us more about your products and services. Are there any particular products that are popular with your customers?
Answer (A): Established in July 2011 to cater to the growing demand for exquisite gourmet food and fine wine, Minato Singapore aims at redefining the culture of fine dining and wine. Being a pioneer importer of Japanese wine in Singapore, Minato Singapore offers a range of new and exciting blends to the fine wine market. A subsidiary of Nakashimato Japan, Minato Singapore introduces unique Japanese wine and food to the market.

We provide corporate sales event services to our corporate customers where their staff can enjoy discounted products and seasonal items. Special items are sometimes made available exclusively to our corporate clients and E-Shop members. We can also organise and execute Wine/ Sake Tasting events as well as pairing dinners. This gives our customers a chance to taste and purchase our Sake and Wine.

We import artisanal Japanese Wine and Sake into Singapore. Our popular items include the L’Orient Sakura Wine, Dessert Wine range and Mutsu Hassen Sake range.

Q: Can you tell us more about the Sweet Enchantment Set?
A: Get entranced by the sweet and flowery mix of the wines in this set. It will take you through a dreamy flowery garden and experience the soothing calmness of nature. It is the perfect combination of Japan’s representative floral and grape variety.

The L’Orient Sakura wine is an aperitive wine which is light and sweet with the touch of floral Sakura flavour. This Sakura wine has real Sakura flowers inside which are edible and no artificial colouring is used.

The Kyoho Dessert Wine Light & Sweet is made from Kyoho grapes which are famous for its natural sweetness and juiciness. This dessert wine can be drunk on its own or paired with a dessert. These wines will cast a sweet enchantment onto your meal or date.

Q: Can you tell us more about the Nakato Selection Set? Is there a reason why these particular wines (i.e. L’Orient Sakura Wine and Kyoho Dessert Wine Light & Sweet) were chosen for the Set?
A: The Nakato Selection Set carries our premium selection of food items such as pasta sauces, soup and side dishes which can be paired with wine. It is a set which allows you to enjoy quality food in the comfort of your own home. To create an enjoyable quality meal in your own home, the ingredients used were carefully selected and processed to meet the standards of a restaurant. The set comes with a bottle of Izutsu Standard Red which is produced in Nagano, Japan using Muscat grapes to produce a pleasant table wine for all to enjoy.

Q: How is the ordering process like when preparing?
A: For standard gift sets, you may order them directly from our E-Shop and we will arrange the delivery to your intended address or recipient. You can send it as a gift as well. For large corporate orders, please contact us directly at

For custom hampers, we will have to arrange a meeting with the client to figure out the intended recipient, item range and cost. We have a variety of items ranging from food, beverages and alcohol. Depending on the intended recipient or idea, we can customise the hamper or gift set to your liking.

Q: What is the preparation process for the items like once the order has been confirmed?
A: After the order has been confirmed, our Minato staff will promptly prepare for the items to be packed into the gift boxes and arranged for them to be delivered according to the request of the customer.

Q: How do you curate the products that are being used/ sold?
A: We do sell most of the items on retail shelves and conduct sampling activities. From there, we collect feedback from our customers directly to find out what they like best and why. With that information, we are able to determine which wines or sakes are suitable for our customers.

We have multiple gift sets to cater to the different demands and criteria of our customers. From simple ones to the more sophisticated gift sets. We try our best to present a viable range of options to our customers.

Q: What would you recommend giving that would be suitable for all occasions?
A: Our newest addition to the gift set family: Folium Vineyard Wine Set.

The owner Takaki Okada hails from Japan but due to his love for wine he decided to embark on a journey to learn how to make wine. Of all wine he has tasted, he found love with the Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot from New Zealand which result in the birth of his organic Folium Vineyard. Mr. Okada has tuned the wines to encompass a bit of Japan's characteristics and the flavour of France. The wines can be paired with your usual western and Japanese fare, bringing a small part of Japan to New Zealand.

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