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12 Jul 2017

Interview: Decorate Your Corporate Gifts with Customisable Ribbons from Sin Hin Chuan Kee

Question (Q): Would you like to share a brief history of your company please?
Answer (A): We are a family run business that has been around for 50 years and we are the leading garment and fashion accessories store in Singapore. We house thousands of sewing accessories that you need and we are always in the know of fashion through our strong sourcing network overseas that includes Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China.

Q: Are all your ribbons customisable?
A: Most of them can be customised. As long as you have an idea on how you want them to be, The Ribbon Shop will try to do it. We can even customise the ribbons to your corporate colours if we do not have the specific colour in our existing stock.

Q: How are customisations done?
A: We have our own printing facilities in Singapore and Malaysia. Customers can come to our office to have a look at the ribbons and printer samples. Once they have made their selection, we will request for a logo in high-resolution and do the artwork for them. Printing will then be processed according to their requirements. Our production timeline can be as fast as 3 days but generally it takes about 10 days for a customised project.

For other more exquisite productions like ribbons that require more complex customisations (e.g. a two-toned ribbon, a two-textured ribbon), we will weave them according to the clients request. Once the ribbons are sent to us, we will proceed with the next step which is to print the logos on them. These can be done via hot-stamping, silkscreen or emboss printing.

Q: Do you have any memorable clients/ projects that you can share with us?
A: We have done many important projects over the years and many of them are memorable. One such project that stands out after all these years is that of a premium French Brand who appointed us to produce their ribbons. It was the start of believing in what we can do and it was also a project that we look back on and tell ourselves “Nothing can get more difficult than getting them as our client”. We now have most of their brands with us and we continue to push the boundaries in design, texture and print. We pride ourselves as a company who places great emphasis on delivering the best print quality to all our clients regardless of the size of their orders.

Q: How long will a customer have to wait for their order if the ribbons are out of stock?
A: Our computerised system will always inform us when certain colours fall below 20% inventory and we will prepare them to be stocked up. Our fast shipping methods ensures that we do not run out of stock and if we do, customers will never have to wait long for their ribbons as most of them will come within a maximum time-period of a week.

Q: Will you compensate the customer if their order is out of stock?
A: We will specially indent the item for them (even for one roll of a specific colour from the colour card). We will not charge them any extra for the service. There will be no freight cost as well.

Q: Can we look forward to any new products for this year?
A: We are already printing Christmas ribbons that are made with eco-friendly materials. It is too early to show as this is a new product but expect to see several premium brands using it by this coming October! There will be even more exciting times for ribbon fans in 2018!

From a family-owned store to the leading store in fashion and garments, Sin Hin Chuan Kee is more than capable of fulfilling any special requests you might have for your ribbons.

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