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22 Jun 2017

Interview: Strengthen Your Brand with Gift Paradize International’s Corporate Gifts

Question (Q): Could you share some of the gifting trends for 2017?
Answer (A): We see a growing popularity in lifestyle gifts, which help alleviate stress or meet the needs of the health conscious, as people’s health start getting affected daily with the high-stress levels. Gifts like the fidget cubes and fidget spinners help to relieve stress. A smart watch with a built-in blood pressure monitor makes it a breeze to measure your blood pressure on-the-go for the health conscious. For the fitness fanatics, a sports bottle with a built-in pill box for supplements makes it convenient to stay healthy and fit.

Q: How are customisations done for different corporate gifts?
A: There are thousands of corporate gifts but we understand that each category of products requires different types of customisation to suit customer’s needs. For example, we have a customer who is in the dairy product industry and they will have road shows with different themes to promote awareness of their products. In order to capture their audiences’ attention right away, they always require eye-catching designs of cooler bags to be given away with their products. Instead of providing off-the-shelf designs, Gift Paradize International brainstorms with our clients to come up with design concepts. This is a value-added service for all clients who requires custom made designs for any type of bags at their request.

Q: Can you share with us any significant customisation project(s) that you have done?
A: Customisation requests can come in the form of products or services rendered in our line of work and at Gift Paradize International, we are always ready to take up the challenge. In 2013, we were awarded the project of customising 50,000 mugs and delivering them to 20 different coffee shops and eateries nationwide for Singapore’s Speak Good English Movement that year. We are proud to have been part of such an important campaign.

Q: Did you face any challenges when the company was just starting? How did you manage these challenges?
A: At the beginning, we faced challenges with faulty products from our China factories. We knew we had to have a presence in China to carry out quality checks during production as well as before products were being shipped out of China to Singapore to minimise such issues. Thus, within a year of setting up shop, we opened a sourcing and quality inspection office in China which significantly reduced exchanges having to be made with clients. We were then able to focus on delivering excellent service.

Q: How do you ensure that your customers keep coming back to your company?
A: This starts with us. We want to cultivate the culture that our company is dedicated to achieving customer loyalty. That is the key to retaining our customers. Research has shown that a salesperson is more motivated to bring in sales when he or she can see how the customer will benefit from doing business with them. Thus, besides training our staff to deliver excellent customer service, direct interaction with clients is strongly encouraged to understand our clients’ needs efficiently and to build comfortable long-term relationships.

With a wide range of products to choose from, Gift Paradize International strives to provide you with unique and customisable corporate gifts

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