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20 Jun 2017

Enrapture Your Guests with the Gift of Premium Meats

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Meatlovers offers to food bon vivants the most refined luxury gourmet with our authentic and premium meats. We cater to all meat lovers in Singapore who crave the taste of the all-authentic Japanese Wagyu which we fly in directly from Japan, and British premium meat brands that we exclusively bring in from the United Kingdom. Best of all, we deliver your order packed safely and in their best quality, right to your door step with your meat customized and cut to your liking.

With our range of exquisite and carefully selected brands at Meatlovers, you can savour the unmatched quality of Japanese Wagyu and Kurobuta Pork (black pig) from Japan, or indulge in a British affair with British Native Breeds Beef and Dingley Dell Pork (also known as Happy Pigs).

Introduction to Japanese Wagyu

What is Wagyu? What makes it so premium and exquisite?
Above all, what makes it so good?

Japanese Wagyu, literally ‘Japanese cattle’, is the national treasure of Japan and recognised as the finest beef in the world.

Japanese Wagyu is of unrivalled quality when it comes to marbling, colour and umami. This is the result of pure pedigree lineage that took years of research and breeding, as well as carefully designed diet and unrevealed rearing techniques.

Marbling, or densely concentrated intramuscular fats, is the most prominent characteristic of Wagyu. This marbling is termed ‘Shimofuri’ in Japanese and means ‘snowfall’ when loosely translated, a word that beautifully captures the fine and evenly distributed fats throughout the muscle fibres.

Beef in Japan is graded based on yield grade and meat quality. The yield grade refers to the ratio of meat to the total weight of the carcass. Yield grade is classified into three grades from A to C, with A being the grade of highest yield. Quality is classified into five grades (1 - 5) based on marbling, colour and brightness of meat and fat, as well as firmness and texture of the meat.

Combining both, the best level of wagyu beef will achieve a grading of A5 (having both grade A and quality level 5). This thorough grading system ensures clear indication of Wagyu meat quality and yield grade.

Why Kurobuta isn’t your ordinary pork

Japanese pigs are bred to good health in comfortable, clean breeding environments amidst abundant, natural landscapes over the seasons. The porcine equivalent of Kobe beef, Japanese Kurobuta is the most highly prized pork in Japan and also widely regarded as the highest quality pork in the world.

Kurobuta, literally translated as Black Pigs, are of an ancient Black Berkshire breed and were imported into Japan approximately 400 years ago. Over the years, Japanese farmers in Kagoshima prefecture developed their own methods and special feed to produce the modern Kurobuta Pork that is high in intramuscular fats and fragrant flavour.

With high intramuscular fats and fine marbling, Kagoshima Kurobuta pork is rich in amino acid and widely prized for their flavourful and tender texture.

They are popularly used for shabu shabu (thinly sliced pork), Tonkatsu (deep fried breaded pork cutlet) or deliciously marinated teriyaki pork chops.

Premium Wagyu Beef Packages

To save you the hassle of choosing, we have selected the finest choice of ingredients from our range of products and created several premium meat packages for your smooth shopping experience. Our packages are catered for every occasion and mood, from grill parties to steamboat gatherings, and they are just a click away on our website.

Allow your recipients the privilege of choice

If you are spoilt for choices and feeling unsure about the perfect premium meat gift for your recipient, present him or her with a Meatlovers Gift Voucher instead for a thoughtful touch. Our Meatlovers Gift Vouchers are now available in flexible denominations of $50, $100 and $200.

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