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08 Jun 2017

Interview: No Sacrificing Style in Going Green

Question (Q): Tell us a little more about D’Arts and Designs.
Answer (A): D’Arts and Designs was registered in Singapore in 2011 as a company that specialises in eco-bags. We wanted to bring the best in terms of quality and service. We also aim to do our bit for the environment by investing in responsible living. Our range of bags, brought to you under The Green Window is just that – green and environmentally friendly! We design, produce and supply jute, cotton, canvas and organic cotton bags. Our supplier is an India-based company that has its own factory that caters to the entire process of designing, manufacturing and printing the bags. We maintain a lean team and have liaisons with the best to contain overheads and deliver quality.

Q: Why did you decide to start D’Arts and Designs?
A: Having used bags of all sorts in my personal life, I realised how little we think of what we use every day. I always looked for something that can double up as a handbag and a shopping bag so that when I am out and pick up a few times, I don’t need to lug around another ugly plastic bag in my hand. I needed something that will be lightweight in itself so that it does not weigh down my shoulders. A bag which will be durable and still looks good. The answer to all my questions came to me in the form of the jute and canvas shopping bags. This was the foundation of starting D’Arts and Designs so that others may also benefit from the bags.

Q: How do the bags’ designs come about and how are the customisations done?
A: We have an in-house team of designers who research the latest trends and materials in the market and develop our catalogue designs from them. These designs are then used by our clients as inspiration to base their own unique customisations upon. The variety of colours, fabrics, handles, and closures all come together to provide a great palette for designing.

Q: When would you advise a client to use jute, as opposed to cotton-based products?
A: While Jute and Cotton are both natural fibres and eco-friendly, their usage depends upon the image and utility that the client has in mind. Jute is to convey a more rugged and earthy look, while cotton is more urban. Cotton is better when the design to be printed is intricate or the bag needs to be foldable. In certain cases, jute can be more cost effective.

Q: I understand that you will be showcasing desk accessories at SGPFair 2017 as part of your new collection. Why the expansion to include these products??
A: Our desk accessories are a part of a large range of metal artwork handicraft items that include candle holders, pot holders and desk accessories such as letter stands, pen stands, paper trays, file holders, etc.. These fit very nicely with our existing clients’ needs for corporate gifts and are very different from the usual office gifts. They add a dimension of the artistic in mundane everyday objects and bring life to gifting that can sometimes become so predictable.

D’Arts and Designs offers eco-friendly bags that not only look good but work well. Also discover their new range of metal artwork handicraft items at SGPFair 2017.

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