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25 May 2017

Interview: Corporate Gifting with Premium Meats

Question (Q): Why did ADiRECT choose to market premium Japanese meats?
Answer (A): We chose to market premium Japanese meats because we wanted to meet the local market demand and satisfy the cravings of all meat lovers in Singapore who desire a taste of premium quality meats. Here at, we deliver the special gift of premium meats, freshly prepared and personally sliced, to every household that desires to cook it for special occasions.

Q: Were there any challenges that ADiRECT faced during the beginning stages of packaging and delivering the food?
A: Our initial challenges were keeping the products well-protected and under consistent temperature to ensure they remain in top form all the way throughout delivery. Hence, we developed our current packaging concept of sending items in Meatlovers carton boxes (where products are sealed in trays and bubble-wrapped together with ice packs). With the implementation of metal detector checks and ISO 22000 certification, we have gained confidence from consumers and successfully launched products to Cold Storage Takashimaya as well as online retail such as our very own Meatlovers website and Redmart.

Q: Apart from these distribution channels, could you share with us the list of the notable clients that you have worked with?
A: Some of our clients whom we have worked with include major hotel and restaurant chains such as Marina Bay Sands, Resort World Sentosa, Grand Hyatt, Mandarin Orchard and Fairmont Hotel.

Q: We’ve noticed that ADiRECT has a market in ASEAN, North America, the Middle East, and the EU. What is the corporate market like in Singapore in comparison?
A: It is extremely competitive with the growing selection of choices that consumers are being exposed to hence we always strive to stay ahead by providing the best offering of premium product brands direct from Japan, UK, Spain, and France that give our customers good taste and quality at the same time.

Q: Tell us more about your new products “Battleship Steamboat Set A” and “Premium Japanese Grill Set” that you will be promoting at SGPFair.
A: These 2 packages are part of our new series of premium meat grill/steamboat packages that we have launched earlier this year to give customers greater value and more meat for a better price as compared to ordering the items individually.

Our Battleship Steamboat Set A comes inclusive with a rich selection of premium Japanese Wagyu beef and Kurobuta Pork shabu slices as follows:

Japanese Wagyu Beef

  1. Kiriotoshi: 250g
  2. Shabu-shabu Gokujyo slice: 500g

Japanese Kurobuta Pork

  1. Shabu-shabu slice (Kurobuta Belly): 250g
  2. Shabu-shabu slice (Kurobuta Loin): 250g
  3. Kiriotoshi (Kurobuta Loin): 250g
Find out more about the Battleship Steamboat Set A here »

Our Japanese Grill Set comes with generous portions of yakiniku and steak cut as follows:

  1. Japanese Wagyu Yakiniku: 250g
  2. Japanese A4 Wagyu Steak Cut: 200g
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