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01 Jun 2017

Resource List #006

Promotional Gifts & Premiums

Promotional products: making them effective branding tools for your business
Promotional products can not only help to improve relations with your clients, they can help your marketing, branding, and advertising efforts as well.

How promotional products can generate customer acquisition
The promotional products that you give away can not only improve your relations with your clients, they can help you gain new clients as well. Here’s how you can get new clients with your promotional products.


6 tips for your marketing and sales reps to consistently produce value-added content
Having trouble finding content for your marketing campaigns? Here are 6 tips on how you can produce engaging content.

Using case studies can be an excellent marketing strategy, especially for making B2B connections
Besides using the usual advertising, you can make use of effective case studies to engage your customers.

Why your startup content-marketing strategy isn’t working
Ever wondered why your marketing efforts are not successful? A reason why is you could just be doing it wrong or just not enough.

Sales content vs. marketing content: do you know the difference?
Can you differentiate between your sales and marketing content?


Branding takes centre stage for Chinese companies
Chinese companies are putting more efforts into their branding as their brands start to contribute to their company’s growing value.

You need to know: careful branding can make entrepreneurs outshine big enterprises
If done properly, your branding can outshine even those of well-known companies. Here’s a look at how branding should be done.

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