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04 May 2017

Resource List #004

Promotional Gifts & Premiums

Stress free gift giving: how to choose gifts that work for everyone
Corporate gift giving can be difficult when you do not know who your recipient is. So how do you choose a gift that is suitable for all?

Corporate gifts used to be about champagne – now firms demand tokens that will last
The protocol for corporate gift giving has changed with the economy. Now, companies want to give less extravagant and longer lasting gifts to show their appreciation for their employees and clients.

Eco-friendly promotional goods to promote your business
With everyone becoming more mindful of the environment, gifting eco-friendly goods might be a good corporate gift alternative.

8 ingredients for awesome promotional gifts
Corporate gifts need to be many things, memorable, inexpensive, etc., but there also needs to be a balance in all these aspects of a corporate gift.


How to keep your marketing campaigns organised
Keeping track of your marketing campaigns can be as hard as launching the campaign itself.

Mobile engagement just got even more important for marketers. Here’s what you need to be thinking about
With the change of the algorithm that Google’s Play Store uses to rank applications, marketers need to be more creative with their applications.


15 ways to improve your website’s branding
Is your brand really being conveyed by your organisation’s/company’s website?

How we answer the question: “Why branding?”
What are the reasons why a strong branding is needed for your company or organisation?

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