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27 Apr 2017

Interview: Butterfly Kisses’ Aspirations for a Trendsetting Journey

Question (Q): Why did Butterfly Kisses focus on designing and producing corporate uniforms?
Answer (A): A brand is not just a logo, it is an overall impression and expression that one will give to customers. Corporate uniforms play an important part in setting the identity for a company. There is great demand for corporate uniforms everywhere, ranging from offices, shopping malls, industrial, construction and events. However, we noticed that there is vast room for improvement in the design and fit of existing uniforms as emphasis are not placed, perhaps due to the lack of an eye for details or budget constraint. We saw the opportunity to value-add and hence decided to venture into designing and producing uniforms in 2007. We aspire to be a significant player in this industry to offer affordable, well-designed and fashionable uniforms that our clients’ staff will proudly wear.

Coupled with our unique in-house skillset, Butterfly Kisses is able to produce anything made with fabric such as accessories and products based on the market’s demand and the customer’s requirements. This year, we launched our first e-commerce website where customers can customise individual uniforms according by individual piece, according to their choice of fabric colours.

With the drive towards go digital, Butterfly Kisses will continue to invest in revolutionising the uniform industry by introducing 3D Body Scanning, biometric shirts and uniforms inspired by the Internet of Things (IoT).

Q: Butterfly Kisses introduced the 3D body scanner, Styku, to Singapore in 2015. How has Styku improved business for Butterfly Kisses?
A: The idea of 3D body scanner in 2015 has been very new but appealing. When we first started off, we met many sceptics who questioned if the machine actually works. After two years, the body scanner has become a critical tool, especially when producing made-to-measure uniform. We have reduced the time taken for measurement from 10 minutes to 40 seconds per person. The best part of it is that we are able to refer to the measurements and verify missing ones whenever we want since the data is stored in our systems. Repeat orders can be reproduced without the need for re-measurements too. Besides the increase in efficiency, our 3D Body Scanner has served as a wow-factor; many customers are very amazed to see and use the new technology. We will be showcasing this machine in the upcoming Singapore Gifts Premiums Fair (SGPFair).

Q: How does the 3D Body scanner work?
A: 3D body scanning, unlike taking a photograph, requires two types of sensors – An IR sensor to sense the body and define the shape of the person, and a depth sensor to find the range. With this combination, we can accurately map out the figure of a person using millions of data points. As it uses infrared sensors, much like today’s remote controls, it is totally harmless to your body.

Q: What was the feedback from the customers who have used 3D Body Scanning?
A: During the scanning process, a typical reaction would be “I feel like an Iron Man” as they are being auto-spun 360 degrees at a slow speed. Many have found the experience interesting and were amazed by the technology. Most of them, especially females, will request for a confidential body measurement report to be sent to them individually, citing that these may come in handy when they do online clothing purchases. When they receive their tailor-made uniforms, they are again impressed that the 3D body scanning worked better than the traditional measurement tape. In fact, many do not require a second fitting at all.

Q: How does Butterfly Kisses aspire to integrate the 3D Body Scanner further into the business?
A: Butterfly Kisses hopes to be able to produce 3D avatars by making use of the scanned body measurements. This would allow customers to see their 3D avatars wearing our range of fashionable uniform. We also hope to introduce the body scanner to other clothing businesses owners so that their customers will be able to get clothes of the best fit.

Going forward, Butterfly Kisses aspires to transform this traditional industry from being a trend-follower to be a trend-setter. Knowing the Internet of Things (IoT) buzzword today, Butterfly Kisses will be introducing the incorporation of IoT into uniforms in this coming SGPFair.

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