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11 Feb 2016

Cotton and Jute Bags – Bags for Life, Brands for Life


Having been an eco-bag supplier in Singapore for the past five years, I have been striving to find the right fit between budget and eco-friendliness in my bags. Going eco-friendly is not cheap in the short run. For sure, if we were to count the damage we are doing to our planet by not being eco-conscious, we are going to pay a heftier price than we can imagine. And that day is not too far away.

I am always curious about my customers’ purpose with my bags. So I always ask them – What are you planning to do with the bags?

Some are to be used as packaging for gifts, brochures or collaterals, in which case they carry different companies’ logos. Some are used as a blank canvas for designers to showcase their skills. And at other times, the bags are used as door gifts or wedding favours. In all these cases, the bag itself will be of as much significance, if not more, than the items it contains, don’t you think?

A book is often judged by its cover – we always read the blurb before deciding to plunge in. A brand is also judged according to the product used to display it. A bag branding your product should be worthy of the logo. It should speak loudly and proudly of your brand. It should last long and be a worthwhile investment. Every time the bag catches the eye favourably, so does your logo. And, most importantly, it should never end up in the waste-bin. A brand is for life!

For designers, no canvas may be as good as their designs but we can at least try to give a worthy medium. When I carry my cotton bags, the design is immediately enhanced! Nobody wants a disposable gift.

So, think carefully next time you bag a purchase. Each bag will speak for you. You have to decide what is says and how effectively it portrays your brand’s position. Buy a bag for life; it will build your brand for life!

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