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23 Mar 2017

Resource List #001

Promotional Gifts & Premiums

Sales and Operation Tips for Promo Product Distributors
Having trouble putting your promotional products out there? Have a look at how to improve your business in 2017.

Choose corporate presents wisely to make lasting impression
Corporate gifts are given to both customers and employees. With that being said, gifts that are given to your employees are should differ from those to gifts given to your customers. Choose your gifts wisely to improve relations with both your customers and employees.


The Futurist: Putting the human heart back at the centre
Caltex’s brand manager, Mr Brian Fisher shares how marketing should be done so that consumers are more likely to take favourable action for your brands.

5 Small Business Marketing Schemes That Will Waste Your Money
Not having much luck in your new marketing campaigns? You might be making some marketing mistakes that you are not aware of. Identify those mistakes and avoid making more of them in your future marketing endeavours.


5 Rookie Branding Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Makes But Shouldn’t
A business’s brand is what gives your consumers a lasting impression of your very own business. No one wants to do it wrong. Jacqueline Whitmore shares some common branding mistakes that can be avoided.

Enhancing MSMEs growth through branding
Branding has become an essential part of the marketing process. Without proper branding, businesses will remain invisible to their consumers despite their exceptional products. So how, exactly, does branding help businesses obtain consumers?

Branding and design agencies to form Asia association
With the rising importance of branding, branding agencies have started up with the sole purpose of helping other businesses with their own brands. A discussion to launch the Design Business Association Asia was held recently by the CEOs of reputable branding and design agencies. The Association is an attempt to help out newer and smaller agencies of the industry.

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